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                                There is no doubt about the quality of polystyrene core mould

                                Recently, the polystyrene core mold listed on the market has been widely used and won a place in the field of construction. This can not be done overnight, it is through the efforts of Dejie building materials that this new type of building materials can be widely used. Dejie Building Material Co., Ltd. is a professional core modelling company. Domestic and foreign scientific research personnel, as well as ultra-high-end imported processing technology, are the excellence of Dejie Building Material, but also the guarantee of the quality of this new material.
                                As to whether this material is toxic or not, Xiaobian can tell you responsibly that polystyrene is a non-toxic material. Polystyrene is a polymer made of styrene monomer, which has good thermal insulation and insulation. It can prevent fire caused by high voltage. Its melting temperature is about 200 degrees Celsius, and the decomposition temperature of styrene is above 300 degrees Celsius. It is very difficult to achieve the condition of polystyrene decomposition monomer styrene completely. Even if this material is inadvertently decomposed into a small amount of styrene, it is difficult to spread through the sealed hollow plate, so basically do not worry about the decomposition of this material.
                                Naturally, researchers have thought about this problem in production. If it does not pass the strict determination of quality and toxicity, it will not be easily marketed. Polystyrene was found in natural rubber as early as the eighties of the nineteenth century and was widely used in daily necessities. Because of its superior properties, polystyrene was processed into core mould and applied in the field of construction. It is also inevitable that it has been recognized by many people.
                                Therefore, we should not be afraid of toxicity in the choice. It is completely non-toxic material, and it is colorless and odorless. It will not produce odor when checking in. It can be used safely. Many developers will use polystyrene core mold in building material selection. It is inevitable, not accidental, that polystyrene core mold will enter the building material market. Because this material is relatively easy to make, but the problem is that it is difficult to degrade.
                                Of course, this is not within our consideration. Now science and technology are more and more developed, and solutions to this problem will be made. And we are users, what we need to consider is the performance of this material. Large-scale production of polystyrene core has brought a lot of benefits to the construction field, and it is the best choice for developers and individuals.


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